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Has Been Known To Improve  Sexual Performance 

Imperial Gold Maca is being successfully used by health practitioners, including medical doctors world wide, to improve sexual endurance, performance, and erectile dysfunction. 
Imperial Gold Maca is well known for stimulating sexual appetite, although it is valued for its excellent nutrition including vitamins and trace minerals. 

How Effective Is It As An Aphrodisiac ?
ability to act as an aphrodisiac is becoming more well known world wide. Many South Americans compare Maca with Viagra even giving it the nick name Spanish - Viagra  Maca of course is not Viagra , but it does nurture the hormonal system establishing a healthy hormonal balance naturally. Recent studies have indicated that the reason for the libido enhancing effect of Maca is due to isocyanothides and fatty acids. Maca is known as been dubbed The Peruvian Miracle, YOU CAN ORDER NOW  
See Passion Plant  Sexual Study

Many people including doctors in the United States are now once again rethinking medicine and considering  a return to plant-based drugs in concert with pharmaceuticals. Much discussion is heard in the shadows of hospital halls about the wonderful effects herbs generally have on the human body as opposed to the side effects commonly found in pharmaceutical drugs.

Research shows that Maca may increase the sperm count and semen volume, and may improve both erectile and ovarian function. Dr. Chacon, discovered the four alkaloids present in Maca that are responsible for its reputed positive effects on these hormonal issues. Those who have added Maca claim a significant increase in libido, enhanced sexual function and desire.  

If It's Not Imperial Gold Maca, It's Just Not Maca!


Since the release of the drug Viagra, supplement companies have marketed herbs specifically for libido and sexual function, but these products have lacked clinical validation. The specific species of Imperial Gold Maca, (Lepidium peruvianum Chacon), has clinical and medical research behind it and has been tested for more than 40 years. To read more about Dr. Chacon

The medical journal Urology, that first published the Viagra study, also published, in the April, 2000  issue, a study confirming the sex-enhancing effects of Maca . This is very significant, for a major medical journal to publish findings on a sex-enhancing herb. Men and women throughout the world take Maca  on a regular basis to enhance their sexual desire and performance as well as to increase their energy levels.  Read more about Maca  and impotence in the directory on your left.

Imperial Gold Maca has been effective for both men and women and unlike other products, such as Viagra, and Yohimbe, it has no side effects and is 100% safe and natural.

Imperial Gold Maca is used by itself, in its purest form. No other herbs, compounds or formulas are added to this organic premium grade Imperial Gold Maca and perhaps that is one of the reasons why it is so potent and effective on men and women.


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