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Dr. Gloria Chacon de Popovici
DISCOVERER OF Lepidium Peruvianum Chacon - MACA

Chacon22.jpg (473220 bytes)Gloria Chacon de Popovici was born in Lima, Peru on November 4, 1940. She studied biological sciences in the National University Mayor de San Marcos, in Lima during the years 1959 - 1962 where she received her bachelors degree in Biological Sciences with the theme of: Photochemical Study of "Maca" at the age of 20.  

During the years 1960 - 1991 she specialized in different fields of the Biological Sciences such as Botanical Taxonomy, Phyto-Chemistry and Qualitative Chemistry. In 1962 with the assistance of her new husband Dr. Zacarias Popovici were she continued her research and studies with her fishery expert husband. She continued her studies of Plankton Dynamics of Populations in Commercial Fishing with Statistic Analysis in the Biology Department at Marine Resources Institute in La Punta Callao, Peru with great attention on Physics Oceanography.

MuseumCert.jpg (291144 bytes)The year 1965 was especially busy for Dr. Chacon when she preformed Ecological investigations on plankton organisms in the Peruvian currents as part of her studies on Oceanographic maps and charts for the Atlas of History of Oceanic Geography. During the same year, she investigated the pulmonary functions in sheep at the Pathology Institute of Medicine at San Marcos University.

With little rest, she went on in 1966 to form the Organization of Hydro Biological  Institute in the research of aquatic fauna of common delta regions of the Ganges and Brahmaputra Rivers in India and the shallow waters of the north of the Bengal Gulf with her husband Dr. Zacarias Popovici who was a renowned fishery expert for the FAO of the United Nations with concentration on East Pakistan which is now called Bangladesh.

In 1972 Dr. Chacon received her Doctoral degree in biological sciences. Her work on the medicinal effects of minerals earned her an outstanding award of distinction from the University of San Marcos, in Lima Peru. 

She continued to work side by side with her husband, until his death in 1990. Their last work together investigated the effect of the El Nino current on the Peruvian cost. Together Dr. Chacon and her husband produced and published dozens of scientific studies for the Health Ministry of Peru. These studies covered the taxonomy of micro algae (chlorealla) and the bactericidal effects of medicinal minerals found in South American waters.

After her husband's death, Dr. Chacon returned to her passion and studies of MACA. By combining her knowledge of medicinal minerals in water and her previous work with South American medicinal plants, she developed and presented many conferences and symposiums on the medicinal and nutritional effects of "MACA". Her persistence and dedication to the study of MACA as a medicinal root herb lead to the official classification and registration using the name Lepidium peruvianum Chacon for MACA by the The Museum of Natural History, in Lima , Peru, and identified as registration number USM:89129 dated September 17, 1993. In addition, it has also been acknowledged by the Herbal  Botanical Gardens of Berlin-Dahlem, Germany and the Herbal Botanical Studies  of the University of California at Berkeley, Continued recognition followed from The Herbal Botanical Gardens of the University of Zurich, Switzerland.

chbookcover.jpg (472944 bytes)In October 1996 Dr. Chacon was sponsored by the academic faculty of The Department of Pharmaceuticals and Biochemistry at San Marcos University, where she presented her now famous symposium on the medicinal plants and vegetables of Peru. Parts of this conference are presented in her book The Importance of Lepidium Peruvianum Chacon "MACA" in the Nutritional  and Health of Humans and Animals.

She has continued her research and work on infectious diseases such as cholera, and was graduated with honors and distinction. Continuing her focus on microscopic investigations working for the National Service of Mining and Geology in Lima, Peru.


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