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Imperial Gold Maca™ is sold to satisfied customers in more than 40
It is one
of the most potent maca products available on the market today. Made of premium quality high grade Maca roots that are hand picked and
are grown and maintained organically including the growing
process and including after the harvest.  It contains only pure
Imperial Gold Maca™ without any other ingredient.

See Manufacturing.

It is the true correct potent species of plant Lepidium peruvianum Chacon discovered by Dr. Gloria Chacon De Popovici in 1959 while
doing her thesis as a young student.

Born in Lima, Peru on November 4, 1940. She studied

biological sciences in the National University Mayor de San Marcos, in Lima during the years 1959 - 1962 where she

received her bachelors degree in Biological Sciences with

the theme of: Photochemical Study of "Maca" at the age of 20.  She is considered the most knowledgeable person on planet earth when it
comes to this miraculous plant. See has written several text
books on
the subject.

This free sample offer is an opportunity for you to try this spectacular
herb root that is by far superior to many so called maca products on the market today and is the only maca product that can be called "The
Peruvian Miracle"™ and known as Imperial Gold Maca™ Everything
you have been reading about this super food is absolutely true and
here is your no risk chance to try it for free!

So here's the deal! The free sample is our travel size bottle of 36
capsules that retails for as much as $14.95 and is yours for free!
You just pay for shipping and handling $7.49 and it is sent to you
by First Class Mail (
Not Available Outside the United States) FREE SAMPLES

We will set you up on our AutoShip program and send you a one
100 capsule bottle at $19.89 every 30 days, you can change that
to once every 60 or 90 days after that and you can even cancel the
AutoShip at anytime you like. With the Auto-Ship program when
you order 3 bottles or more per order you will receive a free travel
size bottle that we sell for $10.95 each every time.
So don't waste time - get started today!

Menopause ◙ Hot Flashes ◙ Night Sweats ◙ Erectile Dysfunction ◙ Fatigue ◙ Libido

We'll start you on our auto-ship so you can continue with the great results and every month you'll receive a single bottle of 100 capsules with each capsule at 600mg of Imperial Gold Maca™. If you want to stop at anytime or increase your order you just simply contact us by e-mail or by phone. And you'll also get special promotions that give you coupons and other discounts that make your purchases very cost effect! So all you need to do is click on this link and we'll send you the free sample bottle so you can see for yourself why people are so excited with the results they never thought they would get. 

What Did Dr. Chacon Say About Imperial Gold Maca

"It is an honor for me to have discovered scientifically 40+ years ago, the nutritional and medicinal value of this unique species of "MACA" (Lepidium peruvianum Chacon) ,the Andes plant that our ancestors have known about for thousands of years. I sincerely hope that IMPERIAL GOLD MACA, a 100% natural product gives our planet a better quality of life not only in the present but in the future as well."

  Dr. Gloria Chacon de Popovici  11/29/99

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